Our First Shutterbug Class

Hi LuJing! Here are some of our kids. I had Lisa video them so I could learn their names and match their faces. My iPhone ran out of memory, so the rest of the kids are on Lisa's phone. I will post that when I get it. I will e-mail you the printed list of names and I am hoping you have time to translate the names into pinyin. I still need to see the pinyin to practice and I need to start practicing soon! It will really help me to call them by name at the next class.


The Boys:


The class went pretty well considering the screw-ups. We got there about an hour early because I wanted time to set up the computer and check out the room. When we walked in a bit after 1:00pm, the kids were all there waiting on us! The school had our time as 1:00 to 2:30pm. Remember in the meeting, how we talked about the time? I specifically wrote down 2:15 - 3:30pm; every week. Anyway, I had zero time to set up and I immediately introduced myself and started meeting the kids. The girls are, of course, very quiet and sweet. The boys are much more rowdy. They are all cute, but the boys will get up and run around while I'm talking. We will need to be friendly but firm with them. We'll talk more when you get back.

I hope you are enjoying the time with your family.

I will see you soon,


PS) I also went to the leader's meeting on Saturday. We still need to work out the time - they had us meeting a once-a-month!