We filmed the candles as a time-lapse in front of a blue screen.  They actually took over eight hours to burn down!  Michelle watched a monitor of the time-lapse candles to time her actions setting the table.  You can see her glancing to the left before she summons the candles back up.

When Michelle sets the fork in the foreground, the knife passes UNDER the candlestick.  I didn’t bother to mask it correctly because I didn’t think anyone would notice.  ...did you notice? If we could do it over again, we would use less reflective candlesticks.  You can see a blue tinge on them from the reflected blue background.  I also messed up the measurements for the candle distances because they don’t look centered on the table.  Michelle had also lit the candles on the blue screen, but we used a blue lighter - DUH!!! We had to cut the candle lighting out because the lighter disappeared in the compositing, oh well...