The Ruxtons, Saglis and, Fogwells go to Gran Canaria


The Canary Islands are a territory of Spain, but I think the main language on Gran Canaria is German. These islands are built for tourists and the tourists are almost exclusively European. The island was nice despite being one giant tourist trap. It had a surprising range of terrain and climate.

It was convenient to fly four hours and still pay with Euros. There's no more hassle with exchanging currencies. We stayed in a great bungalow that our Norwegian friend, Ornulf, found for us. There were lots of Norwegians there. We had a great time and took a lot of good pictures. All three families had digital cameras and we shared pictures, so I (Lynn) am actually in a number of these photos! If you only want to look at a few, pick the thumbnails with the red border... have fun:


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