Pictures from the Last Month

In Belgium, Christmas time (Kerstfeest) doesn't really end until January 6th. That is Drie Konige (Three Kings) day.

We were coming home from church and saw a number of kids dressed up and going from door to door. They were dressed up like the three kings of the nativity and when you open the door, they sing the 'Drie Konige' song. Amazingly, Michelle knew this Dutch song too, and started singing it with them!

They had a bag, so I gave them some money and chocolates. In Germany, the kids collect the money for the local church - I assume the same is true here. It's a great tradition. Just the thing to brighten up a drizzly Sunday in January...

[IMAGE]  [IMAGE]  [IMAGE] Here are pictures of our landlords: Luc, Ann, and Felix. For Christmas, Luc was nice enough to give Lee Ann her choice of any of his paintings! Lee Ann chose the one hanging in our hallway. It is the center picture on the left.
Before we left for Christmas, we had a Christmas 'feast' with our Bible study group. We brought our raclette, the Herons had fondue, and Dell brought a neat appliance that was a mixture of fondue and skillet. Martha, our Belgian member, brought a typical Belgian dish (frikadelle met kersen?): meat loaf with cherry topping. We ate less than half the food that everybody brought!! [IMAGE]  [IMAGE]  [IMAGE]  [IMAGE] 

Lee Ann brought the camera to work...

The rest of these pictures are from our trip back to the states. I can't believe how few pictures I took while I was back! They include a couple of our favorite presents.