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Lee Ann and Lynn are living in Shanghai, China for two years. We are here as expats through Lee Ann's company, Alcatel-Lucent. Lee Ann is a software manager at ASB, a division of Alcatel-Lucent in China. Lynn is consulting from home; currently in Smalltalk. We moved here in August, 2012. Michelle will be moving here soon and Graham is working in North Carolina. We kept our home in Raleigh and plan to move back in 2014.

We are using this site to share all of the interesting and crazy stuff we are finding. We lived a few years in Europe but that did not prepare us for China. Very nice people - but this is another planet. We must seem like Martians to them! We started out completely illiterate and unable to communicate. We have since learned that the language barrier isn't even half of our challenge. I could be fluent in Chinese and I would still have no idea what these folks are talking about! I constantly keep my eye out for pictures and I update this site often.Enjoy the pictures and commentary.

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