These photos are from an early visit to a grocery store by our hotel. On the weekend, there are a few dozen girls (ages 18 to 25?) on most of the isles trying to sell product. They wear dresses/uniforms that advertise the product. Many wear a microphone and amplifier. They announce their product in a loud, overmodulated (fuzzy) voice to anyone who passes by. The ones giving out free samples often wear hospital breathing masks and handle the food with tongs. When they are not selling, they are tiding up their display (wearing gloves) or they are dutifully standing there waiting to answer questions. It didn't feel right to walk up and take their picture.

I took pictures of products, as I tried to figure out what they were. Click HERE to see all of the pictures and comments:

IMG_0993FruitRoots?Dried Shrimp

Lynn Fogwell 2012