Assignments for Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Please begin reading Robinson Crusoe. Chapters seem to be arbitrary across various books, so please stop at the beginning of his April 16th Journal entry. You will have just read about his discovery and conclusions of the corn and rice growing on the island. If you are following along with the website audio version, stop on file 15, about three fourths of the way through.
This week, we are reading less than one third of the entire book. We will take three weeks to read this book.

This week, you are also asked to write a comparison and contrast paper. You are to compare and contrast Sir Percy Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel) to Sherlock Holmes. Both characters are fictional and, although Percy lives in the late 1780's, both were created in the late Victorian era. Look at their dress, their habits, their personality and views. Please write at least a page.
We will use your papers next week to discuss the British ideal of a gentleman. Both Sir Percy and Sherlock are considered the epitome of a British gentleman. What are these characteristics that make them so British? Are all the characteristics positive? How are they different? How is Robinson Crusoe so like them.....


See you Wednesday!