Smalltalk and Change Management

I have rebuilt the smalltalk image on top of a novel change management system called Smooch. Smooch stands for Smart Object-Oriented Changes. It is a working, open-source, multi-developer smalltalk that runs connected to a mySQL server during development. There are no more sources or changes files. The goals, design, and advantages of Smooch are described in an 18-page white paper found here:

To try it out, download one of the following zip files. They both produce a ‘Smooch’ folder with everything you need inside (Squeak VM files and the smooch.image). For XP and System 7 machines, download: Smooch for Windows. Find the readme file and make sure you extract the folder. For Apple computers, download: Smooch for Mac. I have not tried Smooch on LINUX or any other OS, but if you can run a Squeak VM, then the single smooch.image file should run on it.

On launch, you will connect to a repository hosted at my house in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The repository holds all changes (classes, pools, traits, and methods) installed in your image. You will access the repository on the fly as you view source code. You will write to the repository as you create and change code. Typically, you would connect to a Smooch server over a Local Area Network, but it seems pretty responsive over the internet if you have at least a 1.5 Mb connection.

I would love feedback, contact me at:

Sept., 2011